1953 50xxx Selmer Super Balanced Action SBA Tenor Saxophone American Engraved Re lacquered!

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Check out this Great Deal on a 50xxx 1953 Selmer Super Balanced Action SBA Tenor Saxophone! This tenor just arrived to our shop on consignment and the owner said they had this beautiful saxophone their whole life and they would like it to go to a good home where it will be played and enjoyed! This 50xxx vintage of SBAs is absolutely in the range of some of my all time FAVORITES. The body tube is straight and still seals top to bottom on an older overhaul (estimate 15yrs ago). The only real negative to mention is that it has been Relacquered in the past. It has an incredibly powerful and thick sound with terrific intonation! If you would like us to deliver it Overhauled please add $1,200 to the listing price.

  • 50xxx SBA made in 1953
  • Relacquered Finish done years ago
  • American Engraved
  • Original Matching Serial Nunber Neck!
  • No Neck pull down!
  • Plays As well as the BEST SBA tenors at a great price
  • No Bottom Rooster Tail Dents!

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