1957 71xxx Selmer Mark VI Tenor Factory Re-plate Non Matching Serial Neck

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Saxophone fans, check out this beautiful Selmer Mark VI Tenor that just came into our shop!

This 71xxx tenor dates it to a manufacture date of 1957. This particular tenor has been factory re-plated. It was originally silver plated (which we have paperwork from the factory to authenticate) and one of its previous owners decided to send it back to the Selmer factory to be re-plated quite some time ago.

The neck on this horn is non original, however it is crazy close the original serial of the body tube. The serial number of the neck is 71,4xx and the body tube is also 71,4xx making them only 59 digits apart leading us to speculate that this neck was hand picked and paired with this particular horn in Elkhart.

The condition of this Mark VI is quite clean. The problematic areas are problem free. There is no major denting in the bottom bow and the neck is free from pull down or signs of pull down. There is very little silver plating wear outside of commonly handled areas. 

This horn just received a full COA from our shop and pads are in good condition and it is sealing very well too to bottom and really singing! It plays and sounds incredible with very free blowing characteristics which is so common for early serial number Mark VI Tenors.

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