1964 Sparkle lacquer Buffet Super Dynaction SDA Tenor Saxophone Gorgeous Fully Overhauled!

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Check out this absolutely GORGEOUS Condition Buffet Super Dynaction SDA Tenor Saxophone with original Sparkle Lacquer and Full Professional Overhaul! For Buffet SDA mega fans it honestly doesn’t get any better than this! Ultra clean Original Sparkle Lacquer and no damage to speak of. Overhaul was done professionally and seals from top to bottom flawlessly with top quality pads. If you have been trying to add a Super Dynaction Tenor to your collection, then this one is definitely it! Albert Ayler famously played an SDA tenor from this era as well as the Art Ensemble of Chicago players in the early days.

Also of note this tenor includes both the original case as well a high quality and more practical HISCOX pro level case.


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