23XXX Selmer Balanced Action Tenor with Gorgeous Engravings Re Lacquered Plays Beautifully

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This fantastic 1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor was professionally owned and cared for and plays absolutely beautifully from low Bb to the upper reaches of altissimo! It really is not every day that a saxophone this incredible comes into the shop! Although this particular tenor was relacquered in the past, just look closely at the photos of the engravings all down the bell and bow. Because the engravings are this crisp and clear you can easily tell that the refinishing job was done very carefully and with virtually no buffing to speak of. Also of note, this tenor is one of the sought after Lake Scene Engraved editions. The neck of the saxophone is original and it also hasn’t been pulled down in the past. The right hand thumb hook has been replaced with an Adjustable one. The pads seal top to bottom, but eventually the customer may want to get it fully overhauled and restored to enjoy its maximum potential. Whoever picks up this tenor is going to be a very happy saxophonist.

1937 Selmer Balanced Action Tenor

original neck

no neck pull-down 

great tone and intonation 

beautiful lake scene engraving 


pads seal top to bottom fully COA given



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