Better Sax Burnin’ Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Hard Rubber 8*

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BetterSax: quality mouthpieces designed for all players

BetterSax was born out of Jay Metcalf’s desire to make learning the saxophone more fun and accessible. That’s why he partnered with JodyJazz. Their mission was to create a mouthpiece that’s easy to play and represents his ideal sound concept, as demonstrated in many of his YouTube videos. “It’s amazing how perfectly the final design matched my hopes and expectations,” says Jay, “And I am loving every single note that comes out of it.” Resident sax players at Sweetwater know you’ll love this mouthpiece, too. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you're shopping for your first jazz mouthpiece, find out what makes the BetterSax difference!

BetterSax Burnin’ Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Features:

  • Made in the USA by JodyJazz
  • Roll-over baffle for power, projection, and brightness
  • Large chamber for lush warmth and sonic depth
  • Straight side walls for a free-blowing feel
  • Matte finish exterior with hand-painted logo
  • Hand-finished and playtested by JodyJazz
  • Available in three tip openings
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