BG France Alto Sax and Clarinet Ligature Gold Lacquered LD0

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  • Centered 
  • Stable intonation in all registers 
  • Precise articulation  
  • Focused tone, warm sound quality
  • Unprecedented flexibility 
  • Minimum contact for maximum vibrations 
  • Grips perfectly to cane and synthetic reeds 
  • Allows for quick and easy reed or instrument changes 
  • Fits Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone

INSTRUMENTS: Alto Sax & Bb Clarinet
CONCEPT: Minimum rails connection with mouthpiece and reeds
ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCES: Focused tone, clear sound, precise staccato, homogeneous in all the registers
UTILIZATION: Soloist, orchestra, large concert halls
MOUTHPIECE: Alto sax & Bb clarinet. Ebonite mouthpieces
COMMENTS: Easy to play. Great projection of sound- BG Innovation


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