Brillhart Hard Rubber 3* Tenor Mouthpiece

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Just into our shop is this Brillhart hard rubber tenor mouthpiece. These are fantastic mouthpieces made by made by the Arnold Brillhart company. Here is what Theo Wanne's mouthpiece museum says about the Brillhart hard rubber tenor mouthpieces:

"The classic hard rubber Brilhart model was stamped “Hard Rubber” on the shank. These used an amazing hard rubber compound that when ground to dust smells very sweet.  These had a relatively high floor for the period, giving them great projection. They had a very short facing curve though, so tend to play better when a longer facing is added.  These had a large round chamber with rounded inner-side walls very much like the Otto Links. The floor was a bit more rounded though. These are arguably as good or better players than the ‘Slant Signature’ Otto Links."

This particular hard rubber model is stamped with a serial number of 49,xxx. It is an original 3* that is in overall good shape. The tip, rails, and table are all free of major dings or scratches. Keep it as is, or send it to your favorite refacer.

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