Comfortable Extended Thumb Hook in Nickel Plate for Selmer Mark VI (also fits most modern saxophones)

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A beautiful and Very Comfortable Right Hand Thumb Hook with built in extension which works for Alto, Tenor, Bari, and Soprano Saxophones! These high quality hooks are designed to fit perfectly with all Selmer Mark VI Saxophones as well as most other modern saxophones! Send us an email if you would like for us to check the compatibility with your saxophone. Does not fit Yamaha Saxophones.

The extended portion is designed to keep your thumb from touching and wearing through the body of your precious saxophone. Often times with customers with very acidic hands this can even wear a hole in the body tube of your saxophone! Not only does the Nickel plating look beautiful, nickel is very resistant to acidity. Also these thumb hooks can reduce strain on your Right Hand wrist and help with the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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