Eric Alexander’s 1966 135xxx Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Chemically Stripped in Fabulous Condition Wow!

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WOW! We are feeling truly blessed and honored to have such an INCREDIBLE Mark VI Tenor come into our shop for sale! This is Eric Alexander’s Personal Selmer Mark VI Tenor 135xxx serial number (1966) which he has played for the past 10+ years! Yes, this is the exact tenor that he used to record the album “Heavy Hitters” which is a masterpiece of saxophone ability! Eric is one of the all time living saxophone greats and he is an incredibly discerning musician who hand selected this Selmer Mark VI Tenor as one of the top 1% sounding and playing tenors out of many others! 

  • 135xxx Serial Number American Engraved and Assembled (1966)
  • Original Lacquer was Chemically Stripped (never Relacquered)
  • Crisp Sharp Un Buffed American Engravings that Pop
  • Solid Brass Resos for Maximum Thick Tone
  • Original Neck with No Pull down and No Serial Number (not stamped)
  • Pads in Great condition with Full COA seals top to bottom!
  •  Top 1% of Sound and Feel Hand Selected by Eric Alexander
  • The Neck Used to have Microphone pickup which was very expertly removed (see photo! Bearly Noticable)
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