Julius Keilwerth SX90 Black Nickel Plated Tenor

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The New Keilwerth Saxophones!

This is the popular Black Nickel SX90R Tenor Saxophone by Julius Keilwerth. This horn features a black nickel plated body with gold lacquered keywork, with traditional pearl touches. In addition all three of the palm keys can be adjusted to fit the contours of anyone’s hands, large or small. The G# key also has a very handy additional mechanism to prevent it from sticking. This instrument does have rolled tone holes.

Un-like many of the professional horns on the market today the Keilwerth is not an attempt to copy the Mark VI. The SX90R has a great edge to the sound but is neither extremely bright nor especially dark. It is a versatile instrument that is a favorite of many of today’s top players. The bigger body bow provides for a bigger free blowing sound and a wider dynamic range. Its bow size also gives this horn a truly ridiculous low end for sure! This horn has a cool look that grabs attention wherever it goes!

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