Morgan Excalibur Alto Mouthpiece

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Morgan Excalibur Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


An original “legacy model” designed by Ralph Morgan. This model has been available since the mid-1980s and continues to be among the best selling of the Morgan alto saxophone mouthpieces. 


Mouthpiece Features:

Slender, streamline body size (similar to metal)

Bright, traditional centered tones

Powerful response in upper and lower registers

round chamber

Low rollover baffle

Facing curve, tip/side rails and chamber all shaped, filed and crafted by hand

Thin interior walls (more edge and brilliance)

Quick Response

Includes Rovner Light ligature and cap


From Morgan:

The Morgan Excalibur Mouthpieces are handcrafted the “Vintage” way.  Ralph Morgan started the company with the purpose of bringing back the lost art and science of truly handcrafted mouthpieces.  Our materials, tools, and process of making mouthpieces are identical to the manufacturers of the 1940s and 1950s.  We start with our 100% pure rubber formula, we mold and cure our mouthpieces to our exact specifications.  No machines are used in the cutting and shaping of our mouthpieces.  We cut our facings and shape the chambers and baffles all by hand.  Our craftsmen are among the most experienced in the world with 80+ years experience among the three of them.  This is a true handcrafted pure hard rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece.

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