New York Signature C Melody

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PLEASE NOTE: we do not keep these saxophones in stock. They are custom Orders and Custom Builds for each order and will have a lead time of 8 weeks for the parts to be made in Asia and then another 2 weeks for the hand assembly in our sax shop. 

It’s not quite an Alto….It’s not quite a Tenor…. It’s a C Melody! Concert Pitch Saxophones were originally designed so that a saxophonist could play along with piano music without transposition.

The parts of these C Melody Saxophones are produced in Asia for our shop with certain customizable options. Then we hand Assemble each one in our New York City Saxophone Shop. This extensive process takes us more than 30 hours. We even solder on the bells by hand to ensure for a durable and airtight bell to body connection. We use extremely high quality Precision Pads with seamless Metal Dome Resonators installed with Shellac. These saxophones have much more modern key work compared to the vintage Conns and Buescher C Melody Saxophones as well as improved intonation compared to the vintage horns.



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