Otto Link NO USA .112" Tenor Mouthpiece Tommy Occhiuto Reface

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Just into our shop is this beautiful NO USA Otto Link tenor mouthpiece. This was originally stamped a 4* but has been opened up and professionally finished by Tommy Occhiuto.

Here is what Theo Wanne's mouthpiece museum says about this NO USA:

SUPER TONE MASTER METAL MOUTHPIECE:  The Next Florida “Super Tone Master” generation did not have serial numbers, and the SUPER TONE MASTER was placed in-between the two bands on the shank.  The change to having SUPER TONE MASTER between the two bands on the shank has stayed with OTTO LINK ever since. While, later SUPER TONE MASTER mouthpieces had ‘USA’ stamped between the two bands on the shank, opposite the SUPER TONE MASTER, this mouthpiece did not. For this reason, it is called the No USA model.

The first no USA models had a very high and deep arced roll-over baffle. This made them very bright. Since this roll-over was completely done by hand, the sound from one piece to the next varied greatly (Picture to the LEFT). The later versions had less of a round, and a bit more of a step shape.  (Picture to the RIGHT):

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