Otto Link Tone Master Originally Stamped 4* Opened to 5** (.088) Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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These mouthpieces were made in New York and had a bit more projection then the older models. They had very long and deep facings (like the older models), playing better with small tip openings. They did, on rare occasions, make larger tip openings, such as a 7 or 8. However, these mouthpieces still retained the very long and deep facing, which curtailed their responsiveness.

The TONE MASTER models had silver under gold plating. The serial numbers were on the side and the tip openings were stamped on the table. 

This is the model that John Coltrane used minus the inserted wedge baffle he put in for a brighter sound. 

This mouthpiece has been refaced and measures in at approx. .088"

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