P. Mauriat Alto Sax PMXA-67R Dark Lacquer

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A custom model for artists looking for a sound with real personality.

PMXA-67R Series Saxophones incorporate P. Mauriat's unique rolling process which requires no soldering. Tone holes are drawn from the body and then rolled over allowing superior resonance and increased response in all ranges. An enlarged bell lets the warm, fat sound of this horn really cut through. Other features include a Super VI style neck, abalone key touches, and hand engraving on the bell and bow. 

P. Mauriat is a leader in the industry as an innovator of modern vintage saxophones and trumpets. Each horn is handcrafted from start to finish out of the very finest materials. From fresh ideas in metal combinations, to cutting-edge neck designs and trendsetting finishes, P. Mauriat continually works to solidify their reputation for creating horns that offer the sound, response, ergonomics and intonation that will impress even the most demanding players.

-Rolled tone holes
-Range: high F#
-Neck: Super VI
-Large bell
-Finishes: vintage dark lacquer, gold, cognac, and raw brass
-Hand engraved bell and bow
-Key touches: genuine abalone
-Professional class

Other Options:
The PMXA-67R is available in four unique finishes: vintage dark lacquer (DK), classic gold lacquer (GL), raw brass (UL), and cognac lacquer (CL). Each lacquer lends a different color to the sound.

PMXA-67R DK - The vintage dark lacquer finish compliments the PMXA- 67R with a warm round sound players will fall in love with. 


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