Selmer Balanced Action Alto 20xxx Serial Number Fully Overhauled! Factory Relacquered

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This is a truly unique and beautiful Balanced Action Alto Saxophone from VERY VERY early in the production process. For this reason Selmer had not even really fully finalized all of the designs of this saxophone and we see some quite unique design choices that we don’t see on later balanced action altos. It is honestly so interesting and cool to see that the serial number of this BA was stamped on the front of the bell instead of on the side of the bell where Selmer later settled on the design and placement. Another really cool and beautiful thing to notice on this saxophone is the unique engravings on hat we’re going on. There are moons and stars mixed with floral stylings. It’s truly an engraving style I have never seen on a Balanced Action.

This particular horn is in fantastic condition considering it’s age and has been fully overhauled with top quality pads.

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