Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 5 Digit 70XXX Original Cellulose Lacquer European Engraved Short Bow With High F# Key!

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A truly amazing 5 digit Mark VI Alto just came into our sax shop and it’s in fantastic condition! The lacquer is the perfect dark honey vintage Color which is reminiscent of the early Selmer Days. Incredibly there is about 90- 95% of this original lacquer remaining as you can see in the photos! The bottom is dent and damage free which only further increases the desirability of this Vintage Mark VI.  This Alto is one of the great playing and truly “singing” and “resonating” short bow models and the five digit serial number is 70XXX. In addition to all of this it also surprisingly includes a factory optional High F# Key! It is European Engraved and plays with amazing core to the sound and great intonation. It is not every day we have a 5 digit alto of this level come in for sale in our sax shop.


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