Selmer Mark VI Low A baritone Saxophone with original lacquer and Full overhaul in phenomenal original condition! Incredible

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The word Stunning doesn’t quite explain it…

This is basically one of the most ideal examples of a 1959 Selmer Mark VI Bari Sax with low A Key in phenomenal original condition with crispy original lacquer. We very rarely see Mark VI Baritone Saxophones come through the shop in this stunning condition.

The serial number of this Mark VI is highly sought after and incredibly collectible also. It is an 81XXX serial number placing the year of manufacturing to approximately 1959, making it a very desirable 5 digit horn.

It is important to note that the serial number on the neck does match the serial number on the body tube of the saxophone.

Please look closely at all of the photos of this beautiful work of art. There is lacquer loss on the neck and a little bit of lacquer loss on the body, but other than that this is nearly as good as it can possibly get. Also it should be mentioned that this saxophone already includes a fresh overhaul with all new pads corks and felts valued at $2,000 worth of work. 

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