Ted Klum NY Model Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece

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The Ted Klum “New York Model Alto Mouthpieces”, made from the finest German ebonite (hard rubber) and hand finished, these mouthpieces are the newest addition to our line of alto pieces and are created from CAD design that was based on Ted’s personal vintage “Fat Boy” Meyer Bros. from the 1950’s. 

Ted’s design is not simply a copy but another proprietary design that stands shoulder to shoulder to with the best vintage designs. Suffice it to say the first few prototypes have greatly exceeded our expectations and have been described as tonally rich, balanced and flexible with plenty of power and projection.

Now available -- special order -- a larger chamber New York model with sterling silver tone ring! We have a limited number of these possessing a wider and larger chamber with slightly more scooped side-walls. They have a deeper, fuller more Tenor-like tone while still retaining power and protection. Be sure to select "larger chamber" and "sterling silver tone ring" before adding to your cart!
**NOTE** The larger chamber model is only available in black.

Optionally includes a solid silver tone ring which is pressure fit to the mouthpiece so it can be removed off and on.

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