Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt Hard Rubber Alto 5

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Just into our shop is this beautiful early babbitt hard rubber alto link!

This piece is a great example of an early babbitt alto piece. The tip, rails, and table are all in excellent shape and it measures in at a perfect .070".

Here is what Theo Wanne's mouthpiece museum says about early babbitts:

These mouthpieces are the first to have the signature of Otto Link written straight across the back of the mouthpieces. They read USA on the shank and had a larger inner bore diameter. They had about the same amount of baffle material in them as the Florida models, but with a slightly narrower window. The hard rubber altos gained some material in the baffle area and floor, increasing their projection. The sopranos moved to a smaller chamber (just a little larger than the vintage Selmer Soloist pieces), giving them a very nice sound similar to the vintage Selmers.

Because of the extra projection these had due to the large amount of baffle material, these are also considered quite valuable.  You must look at the baffle though to distinguish these though, as the outside looks very similar to the later models.

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