Vintage Otto Link "Eburnated Bar" Pre-Slant Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece

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Just into our shop is this rare bird of a mouthpiece! This is a pre-slant signature Otto Link hard rubber mouthpiece. This is an "Eburnated Bar" Slant Signature Otto Link New York in an original 5 facing. This is the first model of Otto Link's hard rubber pieces. 

Here is what Theo Wanne says about this mouthpiece in his Otto Link webpage:

In 1936 the first hard rubber mouthpiece by Otto Link started production. They had “EBURNATED BAR” written on the top/body of the mouthpiece and were a budget line for Otto Link, like a student model.  This is because back then hard rubber was so much less expensive than brass.  They had the largest chamber in the history of rubber Otto Links, and the lowest baffle. Interestingly, they tended to play best with small tip openings. The serial numbers and tip openings were marked on the table. They had Otto Link written at an angle across the back of the mouthpiece with a pretty chain link band going around the front portion of the body. They also sported an attractive machined shank, matching the look of their metal mouthpieces.

Send it to your favorite refacer or keep it the original 5, this is an absolute gem of a mouthpiece!

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