Ishimori Wood Stone Tenor Solid Silver - Selmer Rubber Ligature

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Solid silver tenor saxophone ligature 

Hand made ligature
Inverted type
Made of Metal

Each material and finish has the following sound character;
Brass --- resonant and bright sound
Brass with gold plate --- powerful and bright sound
Brass with pink gold plate --- moderately bright and warm sound
Brass with brushed satin finish --- comfortable resistance and massive sound
Solid silver --- rich and warm sound
Solid silver with pink gold plate --- comfortable resistance and round sound

※The screw of SATIN GP(Brass with brushed satin finish) is GP(Gold plate).

[The following mouthpieces also would be recommend to fits this WS ligature.]
・Brilhart ebolin rubber for Tenor
・Freddie Gregory Mark II rubber for Tenor
・Otto Link Reso Chamber rubber for Tenor
・Current OTTOLINK rubber for Tenor
・JODY JAZZ rubber for Tenor
・Selmer rubber for Tenor

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