WOW!! Super Rare Original Handcrafted Pre MB1 Series Dave Guardala Tenor Mouthpiece

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Wow saxophone fans, this is an ultra rare acquisition to our shop! It is common to see many remakes and copies of this mouthpiece, but this is an original handcrafted custom Dave Guardala tenor piece.

This Guardala is arguably one of the most desirable models. This piece is stamped with a T and a serial number, the T standing for Traditional. The story behind this model is that Michael Brecker picked out one of these traditional models. He used it and liked it so much that Dave Guardala renamed the traditional series after Mike, thus creating the famous MB series. The MB1 series Guardala mouthpieces are identical to the traditional series just under a different name and plating. The traditional series are super rare to find because of how few of them were made before the transition to the MB series. 

This mouthpiece has all the Guardala highlights including:

-Razor thin side walls, tip, and rails

-Long rollover baffle

-Pink bite plate

-DG hand engraved on the shank

-Visible hand filing on baffle profile and tip

This mouthpiece is in fantastic condition. It's tip, rails, and table are all in great shape and it is evident that the previous owner took good care of it. 

If you would like to see more pictures of this mouthpiece, please send us an email!


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