Yamaha Silver Plated V1 Neck for Tenor Saxophone

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Just into our shop is this Yamaha V1 silver plated neck for tenor. A great upgrade for any yamaha tenor, offering a larger bore for more airflow. This can be fitted by any professional tech to an appropriate Yamaha horn. If you have any questions about fitting, please send us an email.

Information from Yamaha's website: 


The Custom V1 saxophone neck offers the largest bore the Yamaha line has to offer. This neck is free blowing and extremely flexible, providing the player access to a more extreme dynamic range and a wider palette of tonal expression.


The Custom E1 neck has a more gradual bore taper which offers excellent control of the air flow for a quick response and superb intonation. This versatile neck also features increased flexibility for the player who wants a bit more freedom to find their sound.


The Custom C1 neck has the smallest bore taper of

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