Yamaha YSS 82Z Custom Z Soprano Saxophone Preowned Nearly NEW condition!

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Just into our shop is this YSS 82z soprano. If you are looking for an extremely well made great sounding and in tune soprano sax look no further! This Yamaha Custom Z soprano sax is in nearly NEW condition. It is hard to believe that is pre owned. There aren't any signs of lacquer wear and or scratching in the commonly handled areas, and there is also no denting. This one was clearly extremely well cared for by its previous owner. Don't miss this opportunity to get a nearly new Yamaha for a fantastic price! 

Here are some features from Yamaha:

  • Lightweight 1-piece design with fixed straight neck
  • Material: proprietary brass alloy
  • High F# key
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Ergonomic keywork
  • Hand-engraved 1-piece bell
  • Lower vent tube
  • Key post rib plate
  • Bullet-tip adjustment pivot screw
  • 4CM mouthpiece and Z Style case included
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