Yanagisawa Yani AW010 Elite Series Alto Saxophone

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The Yanagisawa WO Series
Released in 2014 on the altos, the new WO Series saxophones represent the first major redesign of the Yanagisawa alto sax in over 20 years! Building on the outstanding platform of the A9 series, the new WO Series improve on the excellence of Yanagisawa! Impeccable intonation & build quality are a staple of the Yanagisawa line. The WO series bore has been further refined for a richer tone with several enhancements to the mechanical purity that is Yanagisawa!

The Elite Series replaces the A99x series. The Yanagisawa AWO10 features ribbed body construction for a richer, more complex tone. The new WO Series bore will redefine what players expect from a professional alto saxophone. With the Yanagisawa AWO10, no longer will players feel they have to sacrifice tone in favor of response & intonation. For more detailed information on the changes in the WO Series from the previous A9 based models, please check out Dave Kessler’s blog post by clicking here.

The Yanagisawa AWO10 features all of the standard Yanagisawa A99x series mechanical improvements such as:

  • Connected C#-B roller
  • Underslung octave mechanism
  • Double arm construction on the Low C & B keys

The Yanagisawa AWO10 further builds on A99x platform with a new front F key design, new right hand side keys and a redesigned right hand pinky cluster. A new case and engraving pattern have also been added.


A-WO1 vs. A-WO10
The primary difference is in the weight. The Yanagisawa AWO1 uses “Single Post to Body” construction whereas the Yanagisawa AWO10 uses a heavier “Ribbed Body” construction. What this translates to is that the posts that suspend the keys up from the body are individually soldered directly to the body tube on the AWO1. On the ribbed body Yanagisawa AWO10, large groups of posts are first silver soldered on to a brass plate, or “rib”, and then that entire rib is soldered on to the body tube.

The end result is that the body tubes of the AWO1 have less weight attached to them and this give quicker response. Combined with other changes to the WO10 as well as the ribbed construction, the Yanagisawa AWO10 has a thicker “core” to its sound.

Neither is truly “better” than the other but rather depends on the player. The AWO1 is the least resistant and easiest model to play. So especially for student musicians & hobby players, the AWO1 offers an exceptional combination of performance, quality and price value.

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