Arnold Brillhart ARB Metal Alto Mouthpiece 5*

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Here is a rare bird of a mouthpiece, a Brillhart ARB for alto in 5*.

ARB, which stands for Arnold Ross Brilhart, started making mouthpieces again since it was then 10 years after he sold the Brilhart name to Selmer.   Part of his contract when selling the Brilhart company to Selmer was to no longer make mouthpieces for ten year.

At this time he started making saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces made with his good friend Elmer Beechler.  Elmer Beechler was a mouthpiece refacer for Arnold Brilhart in the 1940’s, and formed his own company in 1950. His company (Remle Musical Products) still makes mouthpieces today, and is currently ran by his daughter Judy Beechler.

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