1949 SML Revision D Strasser Marigaux Lemaire Tenor Saxophone Recently Repadded!

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Wow! The tone on this SML Tenor is truly monstrous! The sound is quite similar to that of a vintage American Horn with improved ergonomics. It’s not every day you have a Beautiful 1949 SML Rev D or Revision D Tenor walk into the shop! This tenor was made by some of the workers of the Selmer Paris Factory in response to the Vintage American Horns. It has rolled tones and a huge thick sound! This SML has been wonderfully engraved and it is truly a work of art! Pads are very recently replaced and overhaul was not done in our shop but does seal very well from top to bottom. There are some bottom bow dents which do not affect the sound or playability at all. Whoever made this tenor is going to be so pleased with the incredible Tone!


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