220xxx 1974 Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Fresh Pro Overhaul!

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Wow! Saxophone Fans please check out this Beautiful Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone that just arrived to our shop for sale. This alto nearly has it all and it is a 220xxx Serial number which places the year of production to 1974 in Paris France. The lacquer is original and in incredibly good condition! The neck of this saxophone is original to the horn and amazingly it has no damages, dents, or any signs of pull down. This Mark VI has also been fully professionally overhauled very recently and seals perfectly from top to bottom so it needs absolutely nothing. The body tube is nice and straight and there are no major dings or dents throughout the instrument including the ever fragile bottom bow area. On top of all this it is a fantastic price so this deal will really not be available for long!


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