23xxx Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer with Full Overhaul! Wow

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Wow! It is really incredibly rare for us to get an ORIGINAL Vintage Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone in Fantastic Original Lacquer with a Beautiful Lake Scene Engraved Bell! The serial number 23xxx on this tenor places the year of production to 1937. Because so many years have passed since these saxophones were made, we find that almost all of them have been buffed and re Lacquered but this one is a true survivor. Wow.


  • 1937 23xxx Selmer BA Tenor
  • Original Lacquer 
  • Crisp Incredible Lake Scene Engravings
  • Extremely Clean Condition with only a few minor Resolders Expertly Done
  • Straight Body Tube
  • No bottom Bow Dents in the Rooster!
  • Truly Fantastic Thick Tone
  • Original Neck with the Serial number Etched Inside the Tenon
  • Some lacquer loss on the Neck which can signify Neck Pull down which has been professionally Repaired.


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