80xxx 1959 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer in Incredible Condition Brecker Serial Number

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Oh my gosh… This one is truly a once in a lifetime tenor! I can hardly believe what just walked into our shop for sale. It is quite a rarity for us to have a Michael Brecker Serial (between 80xxx and 88xxx) come into our shop on this kind of condition. This is an 80xxx Serial Number 1959 Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone with all original lacquer with matching original neck serial number! The neck is in truly spectacular original condition with no neck pull down and hardly any lacquer loss even. The bottom bow is virtually perfect original condition without dents dings and damages and Original Case too! There are also no Re-Solders on the entire horn. There is only a very small amount of lacquer loss on some of the keys. The body tube is nice and straight and it currently sealing beautifully from top to bottom. It is one of the most exceptional sounding Mark VIs that I have ever played.


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