Ishimori Wood Stone Bare Brass Alto - Rubber Selmer Ligature

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Hand made, solid brass ligature, inverted type.

Each material and finish has the following sound character:

Copper --- centered and warm sound
Brass --- resonant and bright sound
Brass with gold plate --- powerful and bright sound
Copper with pink gold plate --- moderately bright and warm sound
Brass with brushed satin finish --- comfortable resistance and massive sound
Solid silver --- rich and warm sound
Solid silver with Pink Gold Plate --- comfortable resistance and round sound

※The screw of SATIN GP(Copper with brushed satin finish) is GP(Gold plate).

The following mouthpieces would also be recommended to fit this WS ligature:

・Berg Larsen rubber(0M-1M) rubber for Alto
・Rousseau Jazz rubber for Alto
・Selmer Alto C*80 rubber for Alto

Regarding synthetic reeds:

・There is a possibility that some synthetic reeds that are thinner than a traditional cane reed cannot be available for Wood Stone ligatures.

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