Custom Grenadilla Selmer Style End Plug for Alto and Tenor

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Calling all saxophone fans! We are super excited to release our own line of custom end plugs!

These end plugs are made from the finest grenadilla wood and are carved in the style of the original Selmer end plugs. They are fitted with cork to ensure a snug but not tight fit on most horns. These are being sold as a "one size fits most" under the categories of alto and tenor. 

For traveling saxophonists, it is important to travel with an end plug in your saxophone. Without one, the horn could move around in the case potentially causing damage to the receiver as well as the octave lever lift. With a plug like this one, it fills the empty space in the case and stops any excess movement. 

If you have any questions about whether this fits your saxophone or not, please feel free to reach out or stop by!

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