Custom Comfort Grip Thumb Hook

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We are super excited to offer our custom line of saxophone thumb hooks!

Our custom thumb hooks are designed to help alleviate thumb and hand tension found with standard thumb hooks. Our design helps balance the weight of the saxophone in the right hand and spread it out from just the thumb alone. 

We’ve designed a hook that has a tab on the left side. The tab serves two purposes: to help give the thumb a place to rest allowing for better overall grip and comfort and to also keep the thumb off the body of the saxophone. This is beneficial to those with larger hands, as well as those who are trying to prevent lacquer wear. 

Our hook also features a slightly angled design to better fit the crook of the hand. Standard straight hooks that provide discomfort can lead to serious complications such as carpal-tunnel or arthritis. Finding a hook that is comfortable is very important to long term playing health.

Our hooks are a one size fits most situation meaning that they fit most soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. They fit vintage horns like Selmer Mark VIs as well as most modern horns. Send us an email to see if your horn is compatible! 

We are pleased to offer the hooks in three beautiful finishes: brushed nickel, silver plate, and polished brass.

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