Inderbinen Tenor Saxophone Handmade in Switzerland like NEW condition! RARE!

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Wow!!! Now it is not everyday that we have a gorgeous Inderbinen Tenor Saxophone come into our shop for sale! Look closely at the photos of the stunningly beautiful body tube which is hand made in Switzerland. Look at the stunning reddish copper hues that are popping though on the body tube.

As you can see Inderbinen is using Yamaha keywork so the feel is incredibly comfortable and smooth. The tone is thick and very rich sounding throughout all registers!

From the Inderbinen Website:

The main idea behind our tenor saxophone was to combine the clean French and the dark American sound. Born is an instrument with a very dark sound and an extremely centered tone. As of the superb tonal flexibility of the horn the musician has the opportunity to play old jazz as far as fusion without any loss of sound. After years of trials and research and an urge to perfectionism we finished the tenor: a real beautiful handmade instrument.


Includes a Hiscox Professional Case!

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