Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer Original Neck 54xxx

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This is one of the holy grails of tenor saxophones. Absolutely gorgeous and completely naturally aged Patina color of this saxophone is incredible visually. A phenomenal playing Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone with original lacquer with a single owner who has played it all of their life and only about 25% of the original lacquer remaining due to natural wear. the neck is original to the horn and it is non serial numbered because this SBA is European. The bottom bow is un dented and un damaged which is becoming increasingly rare. The pads of the saxophone are in great shape and seal wonderfully top to bottom with Pisoni Pads. It is European engraved on the bell. Some minor things to note about the horn are that the Pants guard appears to have a corner of it that is missing, and the low C key guard appears to have been replaced. The serial number of this tenor is 54xxx placing it as one of the last Selmer Super Balanced Action tenors that were produced before they began the Selmer Mark VI line.

Simply put, this is one of the best playing and best sounding tenors we have had come through the shop in several years.



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