Silverstein Cryo 4 Gen 5 Alto Saxophone Ligature Gold Plated

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We're excited to be carrying this new model of Silverstein Works Cryo 4 ligatures! Check out the description below for information regarding the new Gen 5 release, and for instructions regarding the mouthpiece fit. 

Alto ligature sizing:

  • Size 7: Alto Small/Clarinet Medium Mouthpieces
  • Size 8: Alto Medium Mouthpieces

You can find the Silverstein sizing database by clicking here.

Silverstein's special alloy SLA23 allows for uniform and maximum resonance throughout the range of your instrument. Five cords and four fine tuners offer a full free-blowing and agile response, with just the right amount of resistance and focus to maintain a centered and strong projection with a complex, and vibrant sound.

  • NEW! Patented Rocking Bridge; Gen. 5 Silverstein ligatures are distinguished by a completely redesigned bridge. The rocking action of the bridge automatically achieves an optimal alignment with your mouthpiece. And, the elongated feet provide secure grip to prevent slipping, even when quickly changing mouthpieces. The direct contact of the bridge feet on the mouthpiece acts as resonance plates, which further integrates your setup for maximum and efficient sound production.
  • 5 cords
  • Cord-end aglet for preventing cord deformation and fraying
  • Anti-scratch rubber feet on the new patented rocking bridge




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