Vintage Selmer Airflow B Alto Mouthpiece

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Just into our shop is this super rare and old Selmer Soloist Airflow. This model particular airflow is a later model of airflow where the facing is stamped on the table with he absence of "airflow." The main difference between an airflow soloist and a later soloist is the shape of the chamber. This has a large round chamber whereas the typical soloist has the horse shoe shaped chamber. 

Here are some more specs from Theo Wanne's mouthpiece museum:

At this time the all the rubber mouthpieces chambers became small round chambers as well.  The first of these had the name AIR FLOW stamped on the table.  Later AIR FLOW was removed and the tip opening was placed on the table in an oval.  All of these had a scrollwork shank similar to the later Soloist models, however, the very end of the shank was shorter, and stubbier.  These are very good mouthpieces and the alto model is in particular demand by classical musicians.

Leave it as a B, or bring it to your favorite re-facer. Either way, hard rubber from this period is very high quality and desired.

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