1934 259xxx Conn Transitional Baritone Saxophone Relacquered

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Just into our shop is this relacquered Conn transitional baritone. This 259xxx horn dates it back to 1934, putting it in the prime of the transitional years between the 'Chu Berry' New Wonder II models and the 12m models. This baritone has a mix of features from the New Wonder and the 12m. The non-reversed bell keys, nail file G#, rolled tone holes, square shaped palm keys, lady face engraving, and extended low-Bb on spatula keys are all features of the 12m. One of the only non-12m features is the lack of a front F key.

This horn is a tank and a wonderful player. It sings with an inimatable sound. It has an older but functioning set of pads in it. It received a comb through by our shop to ensure that it is gig ready.

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