Yanagisawa Yani SWO1 One Piece Soprano Saxophone Brand New! SW01

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Just into our shop is this gorgeous Yanagisawa S-WO1! This SW01 Yani soprano is a great example of the high level of Japanese craftsmanship coming from the Yanagisawa factory. 

Here are the features from Yanagisawa's website:

-Lost motion is eliminated and smooth octave-key action is ensured by rounding the octave rocker ends and Fluororesin-coating the receiving sleeves they contact

-The seesaw linkage between the C# and Bb table keys facilitates faster, smoother fingering technique.

-The additional slider mechanism between the C# and B table keys is a proprietary Yanagisawa design that allows smoother finger transitions between these notes.

-Indented mother-of-pearl key touches are attractive, afford the fingertips a more natural fit and feel, and are less slippery than plastic touches when wet.

-For the utmost in precision and reliability, pointed pivot screws ensure that center arms or hinge rods are an exact fit.

-Airtight pads facilitate balanced, leak-free play while quality waterproofing extends pad service life.

-Blued-steel needle springs are more elastic than the stainless-steel variety, offer faster action and render a better command of difficult passages.


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