NEW D'Addario Organics Select Jazz Unfiled Tenor Reeds Box of 5

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Organic Select Jazz offers great projection, clarity, and a vibrant sound. Available in filed and unfiled models, Select Jazz is sold in third strengths for optimal mouthpiece pairing.

  • Outstanding control and projection
  • Maximum articulation flexibility
  • Available in both filed and unfiled models for the full range of saxophones
  • Available in third strengths (soft, medium, and hard) from strengths 2.0 to 4.0
  • All D’Addario reeds are designed and manufactured in the USA from naturally-grown cane

For a D'Addario reed strength comparison chart, click the link below:


Introducing a new era in reeds. With a commitment to the player and the planet, our Organic reeds offer unmatched playability without chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. From field to machining, they meet USDA organic certification standards, reflecting their French-inspired roots. These reeds come with brand-new paper holders, reducing plastic waste significantly and eliminating 70,000 pounds of plastic waste each year. Reserve and Select Jazz lines are just the first step in our journey, with plans to make all of our all-cane reed products 100% Certified Organic by 2025.

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