P. Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition Antique Finish Tenor Near New!

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Just into our shop is this P. Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition tenor. This Tenor is nearly brand new and considered to be in "open box" condition. There is no wearing of the antique finish, no scratching, and no denting. This horn appears to have less than 5 hours of play time. The pads are sealing great and it is ready to be gigged on!

From P. Mauriat's website:

The hallmark of the System-76 Tenor Saxophone is the traditional bore taper, combined with a flared bell. This facilitates a focused, dark tonal palette reminiscent of vintage saxophones, yet with greater ease of playing. This instrument features deep right and left pinky scoops to minimize finger slippage, metal resonators to energize the sound, and is available in a variety of finishes. The System 76 Tenor unlacquered finish is available with no High-F# key for those discerning saxophonists who wish for an instrument that closely mirrors a vintage instrument, yet possesses modern playing conveniences.


  • Professional Class
  • Super VI Neck
  • Hand Engraved Bell and Bow
  • Genuine Abalone or Black Pearl (depending on the finish)
  • PM Contoured Soft Case
  • Dark Vintage, Gold Lacquered or Unlacquered
  • Vintage Sound Design
  • Big bore and bell
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