Pino I Tenor Saxophone Copper Body Tube with Brushed Nickel Keys Conn inspired NEW!

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These Tenor saxophones we designed in collaboration and partnership with the amazing Saxophonist Lucas Pino.

Lucas Pino has always loved the sound of his Conn New Wonder Tenor but felt that the economics and action of the horn have been making things more difficult for him to execute technique wise. It was in effort to solve this problem that the project for the PINO I Tenor began! 

These PINO I Tenor Saxophones are Completely Hand assembled in our New York City Saxophone shop, and are designed to covey the sound of the conn tenors with the ergonomics of a modern saxophone! The Hand assembly of each saxophone is extremely time intensive and requires approximately 25-35hrs of complete dedication to complete on each horn. The neck of the PINO I is designed and inspired by the new wonder neck that Lucas most prefers the tone of. The body tube of the PINO I is a Selmer Style bore and allows for precision of intonation and extremely ergonomics key setup. This combination makes a saxophone that is nimble, in tune, and has a huge warm Conn Sound! 

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