Vandoren V16 L Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Just into our shop is this line of Vandoren V16 mouthpieces!

These mouthpieces are not only fantastic players, but they are also budget friendly. If you are looking for a professional mouthpiece for a beginner price, look no further. Some of the greatest jazz saxophonists use these mouthpieces including but not limited to Roxy Coss, Troy Roberts, Bruce Williams, Steve Slagel, Mike Lee, and many more.

From Vandoren's website:

The TENOR mouthpieceis available in 7 openings It is now available in two different chambers:

L Large chamber : it offers a full, rich, and darker sound alternative. This chamber is perfect for the player searching for the “vintage” sound. It is even and easy to play throughout the range of the instrument.


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