Yanagisawa Professional SW02 Bronze Body Soprano Saxophone One Piece

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Yanagisawa SWO2 Soprano Sax
WO Series Bore | One Piece Bronze Body | High F#

Yanagisawa makes the highest quality professional saxophones on the market today! They are a specialty manufacture of professional handmade saxophones. They are a small factory blending old world craftsmanship with modern design and performance. The new Yanagisawa SWO2 Soprano Sax is the epitome of this fusion of craftsmanship and technology!

The Yanagisawa WO Series
Starting with the release of the WO Series altos in 2014, the first major redesign from Yanagisawa saxophones in 20 years! Now, as of September 2017, Yanagisawa has continued the WO Series with the new WO Series sopranos! Building on the outstanding platform of the 9 series sopranos, the new WO Series improve on the excellence of Yanagisawa! Impeccable intonation & build quality are a staple of the Yanagisawa line. The WO series bore has been further refined for a richer tone with several enhancements to the mechanical purity that is Yanagisawa!

Yanagisawa SWO2 Replaces S902
In the new WO Series, the Yanagisawa SWO2 features a solid 1 piece bronze body with key range to high F#. This model replaced the previous S902 model. The new Yanagisawa SWO1 features the following improvements over the previous S9 model:

  • New WO Series Soprano Bore Taper & Tonehole Design
  • New Brass Alloy unique to WO Series Sopranos
  • Raised Left Hand Palm Keys
  • New Right Hand Pinky Key Design
  • New Backpack Style WO Series Soprano Case


So what IS the difference between the Yanagisawa SWO2 & the more expensive SWO20?
Very little in reality. If we were talking about alto, tenor or bari, then there would be a bigger difference in that the WO2 series altos and tenors are assembled with lighter weight construction than their more expensive WO20 counterparts… but this difference does not exist on the sopranos.

Instead, all of the Yanagisawa model sopranos, including the Yangisawa SWO2 use the heavier ribbed construction throughout. They do this as sopranos are inherently a brighter instrument due to the range that they play in. So Yanagisawa has ALL of their sopranos use the heavier ribbed construction of the Elite series instruments. This helps even the most affordable Yanagisawa give the richer tone.

So the real difference between the Yanagisawa SWO2 and the SWO20 is simple in configuration options.

  • SWO2 – One Piece Bronze Body, Range to High F#
  • SWO20 – Dual Neck Bronze Body with Straight & Curved Necks, Range to High G
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